Hardware Overview – What Hardware Does a PC Use?

Computer hardware comprises the basic electronic components of a desktop or laptop computer, including the mainboard, central processing unit, processor, hard disk, optical drive, random access memory (RAM), video card, motherboard and sound card. In computers that are based on the Unix operating system, the major hardware components include the kernel, an operating system, various drivers, and maintenance tools. A computer’s software consists of applications that are used to control the machine. Hardware is also included in the software, but is not essential.

A number of companies produce dedicated pieces of computer hardware, as well as standard computer case designs. Hardware for a personal computer usually comes as a packaged set, with the main components being the CPU (a microprocessor), the main memory (RAM), the hard disk drive, the optical drive, the audio devices, and the Video display unit. The operating system, which controls the computer hardware, is installed within the computer case. Users can install additional software programs in their computer cases, if they so desire.

The most essential hardware components for desktop computers are the central processing unit (or CPU), the main memory, and the hard disk drive. The most widely used CPU within a typical personal computer is the AMD Family of processors. The AMD Athlon II series have quad core processors that offer good performance for all applications. The main memory of the AMD Athlon runs at a maximum of 4 GB per chip, and it uses an unlocked multiplier to increase the speed at which it performs tasks.

A typical personal computer does not come with a DVD burner. To make up for this, the computer hardware manufactures have created the add-on DVD burners known as the DVDs. The standard DVD burner that is found in many computers has two basic parts; a CD-ROM drive that contains the data to be burned, and a read/write head for the data transfer. Standard DVDs use a data compression process to shrink the files that they are written to. The three basic parts of the DVD burner are the case where the data will be stored, the burners themselves, and the software that operates the burners.

The motherboard is the component that makes up the central processing unit (CPU). Unlike other parts, the motherboard is the most important part of the computer hardware. It is usually the largest component, but on some motherboards, it is split into several smaller components called the modules. There are various different kinds of motherboards, including the ATX form factor motherboard, which allows the use of almost any standard size sized motherboards. The motherboard also includes various other hardware components such as the PCI bus, PCI-E slots, audio chips, and digital devices. Click here for more details about Mining

The central processing unit is the heart of the personal computer. It is composed of several microprocessors such as the AMD Athlon processor, the PCI bus, and graphic cards that output graphics via the graphics card. Other hardware components are the hard disk, the memory card for storing data, the CPU, and the hard drive for storage. A PC runs a combination of software and hardware components to control the operation of the personal computer.

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