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Entertaining news and current affairs, as well as entertainment news, are just two of the many genres covered by Entertaining News. The channel is mainly known for its flagship entertainment news programming, which features in depth reports from around the globe that are broadcast on the famous Indonesian TV channelNET. Indonesia is one of the rapidly growing television markets in Southeast Asia and is the home of Entertaining News. The news program has been able to take its popularity across the region, first to Malaysian viewers, then to the rest of the Asian community. Today, Entertaining News broadcasts to more than 460 million homes in Indonesia and has the most popular program in terms of audience share.

Entertaining News features the best in Asian fashion, making it a popular channel for both locals and foreigners who want to stay informed about the latest trends. It also features in depth stories on Bollywood, an Indian movie industry that has exploded into superstardom with several big budget films. The weekly gossip segment of Entertaining News features stories that have become popular on the social networking site Twitter, such as celebrity recaps, celebrity interviews, and news of the week. Entertaining News also offers a number of cultural and entertainment news stories, including the scoop on why Singapore became known as “The Little Engine” and more. The entertainment news programming is subtitled in English and features interviews with directors, actors, musicians, and more. Click here for more details about ข่าวบันเทิง

Astrology has long been popular in the Philippines, and Entertaining News provides regular updates on the Philippine fashion scene. The Philippine Daily Inquirer, which is syndicated in the Philippines, is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the country and is known for its celebrity gossip and sports features. The Inquire features celebrity interviews and some of the biggest entertainment news in the country and around the world. Fashionistas and social media users in the Philippines are constantly checking the daily Inquire for new fashion and beauty tips.

For more Asian-oriented entertainment news, readers can turn to Asia-Based Entertainment News. This weekly Asian American magazine features stories from Asia, with stories reported on every continent but Asia. Asia is home to a large number of cultures and is a large world market for tourism, travel, and shopping. With a focus on Asian culture, Asian American celebrities continue to make their presence known through television and movies, and Entertaining News is there to deliver the latest news on their favorite stars. Other features in Asia-Based Entertainment News include interviews with Asian American musicians who have recently conquered the pop music scene including Koolhaas, Odd Future, Pharrell Williams, and Girls Aloud.

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