What Is The Best Bra?

According to reports, about 85% of women in American wear the wrong bra. Probably, mainly because to find the best bra for you, you need to test-fit many bras to get the correct one that fits you, that you like in terms of feel, you look sexy in, and you are confident you are wearing the right one. But because your body might change now and then and your breasts unilaterally alter themselves once a month, you would theoretically be wearing the wrong bra some days a month at least.

To complicate things some more, there is diet, pregnancy, breastfeeding, exercise and age that alters the breasts’ configurations. It is like the proverbial work of trying to find a needle in a haystack at night while blindfolded. It can be that complicated and long-haul because you should persevere trying on as many bras as you can in as many sources as you can get them. The catch here is that once you find the right bra, you might need to change it, at least in size, after a semester or so, as advised by professionals, due to the factors mentioned above.

Still, to cut a long-winded list of considerations shorter, you can ask the question directly: ‘What is the best bra?’ The answer is: no specific bra is the best. Not the branded bras, nor the unknown ones. Not the newfangled designs, nor the ancient styles. It depends on the shape of the breasts, the physique of the wearer, the purpose of the bra, the occasion or event it will wear in, the colour it comes and the preferences of the wearer. Quite a complex set of factors.

There are two primary considerations, however, that must be present in the best bra: it must be a perfect fit, and it must be the correct one for the occasion.

The best bra for you should make you look sexier and slimmer, and uplift your assets in several ways. It should help project your best look, because the bra is not only about the breast, but also about confidence, comfort, shape and poise. If you feel good about your bra you’d feel good all over, and that should show in the way you walk, stand, sit and interact with people. You would feel that everything is right with the world.

To find the best bra, first, you must get measured and fitted, preferably by a professional. Self-guessing will not enable you to explore the widest spectrum of choices, or at least not as fast. Try on all kinds of bra of your size, dipping and tucking yourself in, to determine which is most comfortable for you. Once you find your bra of preference, try it in other configurations: push up, balconette, deep-V, tee-shirt and so on. Think of the social occasions you would need one and find your bra for that event.

Remember that the best bra is not only the one you look good in; it must be the one you feel most comfortable and most confident in.

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