Loft Conversions – An Alternative To Moving House When Space Is An Issue

In today’s financial climate, many are considering the potentials of Loft conversions North London. For many, the reason for moving is the need for additional space, although finding the right home in your desired location close to work and schools can be stressful and costly. The number of home sales is still falling even though house prices have fallen. Potential purchasers are worried that selling their home could leave them facing negative equity. Homeowners, landlords and property developers, especially in the North and East of London, are looking for alternative solutions that do not put a hole in their pockets.

Creating the additional accommodation required in your unused loft space provides a simpler and more cost-effective solution to moving. By converting a loft, you do not have to deal with estate agent’s fees, legal costs, stamp duty, or removal expenses. The loft conversion solution is an alternative to moving out. Most, if not all, of the residential land within London, has been built on. Hence, the construction of a new residential build is almost an impossibility. If this is at all possible then, more than likely it will cost in the millions of pounds to construct. Staying close or within the city of London has its benefits. When space becomes the biggest issue then moving up is an alternative to moving out.

A loft conversion allows a homeowner to utilize the unused space and turn it into additional living space. All properties can benefit from a loft extension whether they are a terrace, semi-detached, detached house, or bungalows. Loft conversions are an ideal way to increase the living area of your home without encroaching into your valuable garden space. Converting your loft offers the chance to gain extra space needed for extra bedrooms, bathrooms, study, or games room without the mayhem of moving. If there is a big enough space, you can even have an ensuite space to let for added revenue. Properly done loft conversions can also add to the value of your home of up to 20% of the property value.

Before you start your conversion, it is wise to consider many aspects such as obtaining planning permission, checking ownership rights or conditions of your property agreement, permitted development, project design, and considering your neighbours and community. There are several reputable companies doing loft conversions in London who can help you with all pre-requisite requirements as well as provide you with quality work.

With the cost of moving home running too many thousands of pounds or even millions, it is not surprising that many homeowners in London, especially the North & East, are exploring the potentials of converting their loft and are opting to move up, instead of moving on.

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